Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fantage Artwork

Hey, everyone. It's been a while since my last post. I'm sad to say I haven't done a lot of personal work due to my job. I'm trying to do more work on the side, but I seem to have that problem of never finishing projects. Go figure. It's a never ending cycle of self loathing for not being the good artist. Bad me! Bad! I have been doing some sketches, so I'll have to scan those in and post them. But for now, I'll post my artwork from work.

I've been getting a lot of practice in Illustrator doing some background design, an area that I haven't personally worked on in the past, so it's been good practice at the studio. Hope you like it.

This background I did for an event tailored after Alice in Wonderland. I especially like the cake in the top left corner.

This is a home I made for the game. This was my most successful house and I was given the most freedom on this project as I was able to pick what I wanted wanted to make. A lot of the kids bought this house in Fantage.

Bee hive home. Obviously. I feel it's misleading as living in a beehive may not be the safest living decision.

I had a lot of fun working on this event for the game. It was a futuristic theme set in space. Most awesomously (yeah, I made that word up) I got to design robots! I had a lot of fun with the spaceship interior. I like making shiny things.
This is a redesign (left) of one of the characters in the game that I did that didn't go into production. 

This is a redesign (right) of one of the stores.

Another redesign (top) of a store, which didn't make it in to production.

I recently did this candy home. It's vastly different from the one that made into the game, but I'm partial to this design.

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