Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Traditional Piece

This is a work in progress. I've been trying to really push through my artwork and see it to the end. I used traditional medium on this one -- a rare occasion. Watercolor, colored pencils, marker, and my all-time favorite: the almighty ball-point pen.

The Office Sketches

I'm thinking about going the character/prop design route. I've always liked to play with style and design, but I guess I've shied away from that career because it's highly competitive and just about every nerd and their alter ego wants to do it. But you do what you love...or think you love.

I was watching The Office, one of my favorite shows for its great characters. Here are some sketches of them.

Me Blog

I set up this site more as a portfolio tool rather than a blog, but I figure, why the hell not do both? I'm a grown ass man, I do what I want! So, I decided to post my artwork (even the "unfinished" ones) to see my progress and share my art wit da intawebs. I hope you all enjoy, homies.

Oh, and uh...I realize the site looks a little feminine at the moment, but I'll add blood and skulls and stuff later...